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Welcome to 45rpm, the Happiest Band on Earth!  We'll make you happy!

45rpm is six highly skilled and dedicated singers and musicians from the New York scene.  We've dug through the incredible treasure trove of under-appreciated 70's AM radio hits that other bands overlook and found gems of joy!  We bring songs back to life that are instantly recognizable and deeply woven into the fabric of our culture, and we do so with the veracity and fun they deserve.  It's the happiest show on earth!

45rpm recreates the songs and their era with a happy, entertaining, visually engaging show that has you singing and dancing along.  It's a whole night of "wow, I remember that one" moments. Come to a 45rpm extravaganza near you and get "hooked on a feeling" with us!

See you soon!

Michael, Danny, Mike, Linda, Tony, Simon: 45rpm – we can't believe we're playing these songs, either

What others say...

"Long Island has some seriously good bands....One in particular....45rpm has an abundance of infectious FEEL GOOD energy that permeates a room. It's a big song after song sing-along with a giant smile that starts on the stage and ends at the front door.  I haven't seen this kind of crowd response in years!...

I am so impressed with this band and how quickly they are sweeping the music scene. It's not just the nostalgia in their music choice....or the kitschiness in 'They're really playing THAT song?'.....It's the extreme talent in which it's performed and each member is incredibly gifted. It's a note for note gig with every nuance remembered as if it were a scent marker in time.

If you haven't seen this band yet, you're missing out... Their performance has the ability to make you forget your problems for a bit and bring you back to when, for most of us, it was a much simpler time." -- Blonde Thunder Promotions

"Thanks for making my birthday super fun! I haven't had that much fun listening to the old pop rock songs I grew up with. I felt like I was 13 again instead of 53!" -- Arlene M.

"Love it! Love It!! LOVE IT!!!! all my favorite 'cheesy' songs! LOL" -- Angie A.

"You all were great - it was a fantastic show!" -- Eric L. 

"Last Night was the first time I had the pleasure of hearing you guys and it turned out to be the most fun I had in years!  Not only did you play great songs which brought me back in time but you did an AMAZING job...right on the money.  I'm your newest groupie and will be SINGING your praises!" -- Beverly S.


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